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Jewelry Goals - What Every Gold Loving Girl Needs In Her Forever Collection

fine gold jewelry goals

Every gold-loving girl knows it takes time to build a collection that tells the story of you and hits all the right notes of what makes you happy when you put it on every day. Here are 4 jewelry goals to set for a jewelry box full of everyday gold forever pieces that inspire your shine.

Bold Signet Ring Statement

Show you mean business when it comes to believing in yourself. A bold signet is the ultimate display of self love and a constant daily reminder to vibrate and shine at your highest level!

Textured Short Necklace Layer

Add your thickest and most textured chain layers closest to your face to reflect light, accent your collarbone and add interest to your necklace collection. 

Standout Mid-layer Pendant Necklace

The showpiece of your layers and the one that catches people's eye, make your mid-layer pendant meaningful and larger than the others. Let it tell a small piece of the life story you have written for yourself.

Long and Sparkly Necklace Layer

Longer lengths can be trendy and sometimes come and go so we recommend investing in something that feels forever. A monogram pendant (or multiple) is the perfect way to hold yourself or a loved one close to your heart and hold a special place in the collections of future generations.

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Keep it shiny,

Lynne and Trisha

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