Getting To Know The Founders


  • Legacy: Spirit Guide
  • Current fashion philosophy: Keep it shiny or  “This old thing?!”
  • Favourite time of day: Early morning when my family is still asleep and I have quiet time to have coffee and prepare for my day.
  • Song you can listen to on repeat: ‘September’ by Earth Wind and Fire.
  • Best vacation you’ve ever taken: Destination wedding in Amalfi. 
  • Favourite jewelry passed on to you: Pearl necklace and earrings handed down from my great grandmother. She would wear them every time she went out because women always dressed up when leaving the house. She was also never seen without her bright red lipstick. Fun fact - her husband, my great-grandfather, was the mayor of Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, for 2 consecutive terms.
  • Most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten: Street crepes in Paris. Ham/Cheese is the best.
  • Define yourself in 3 words: Energetic, Social Introvert; I love being social but need to refuel my energy with personal quiet time.
  • What is inspiring you right now: I am loving the artwork of Janna Watson (@jannawww) these days. So vibrant, beautiful, and inspiring. I can’t stop looking at her instagram feed!
  • Legacy: Empath
  • Current fashion philosophy: Considered mix of relaxed and elevated
  • Favourite time of day: Golden hour, when everything is shiny and anything seems possible
  • Song you can listen to on repeat: ‘The Greatest' by Sia
  • Best vacation you've taken: So hard to choose since there are so many different reasons vacations are amazing! With my family, 3-week trip to London/Paris/Sweden. On my own, India. With friends, weddings in Italy and France!
  • Favourite jewelry passed on to you: My great-grandmother’s wedding band from Scotland, simple and spare. My MIL’s mine-cut diamond ring that she brought from Iran during the revolution, smuggled out of the country to give her kids a better life, hidden in the handle of my husband’s tennis racket.
  • Most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten: Oysters from Mystic, CT, with a side of champagne and frites :)
  • Define yourself in 3 words: Creative, Polymath (even though the word makes me cringe a little), Tall
  • What is inspiring you right now? The book Braiding Sweetgrass - how First Nations’ are guided by their relationship with plants and the earth; Linear and light patterns; Rebecca Minkoff’s podcast Superwomen.

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