Legacy Is The New Astrology

ASTROLOGY (definition) - a type of divination that involves the forecasting of earthly and human events through the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets. 

It’s been a popular guiding force in humanity for over 2000 years so how can it be discounted now? 

It absolutely shouldn’t be discounted. Humans crave order from the chaos of the world and their own minds. Astrology is a language and an ordered set of patterns that we use to help interpret our own lives. The reality however, is that when we read our horoscope, we only zero in on one or two elements of it. Why is that? Because those are the elements that are important to us at that moment in time. It’s our own mind and intuition picking out, interpreting and applying the general astrological forecasts to events, hopes and dreams in our own lives.

So what’s the alternative?

We say, let’s skip a step! Why be guided by the stars when you can go right to the source and be guided by your own inner light? That inner light or shine is what we call your legacy. 

Legacy? Like the value of my estate that I leave to my children when I die? 

It’s so much more than that. A woman’s legacy is not just about the material things she will leave behind, it is the feeling and mark she leaves on people’s hearts and minds. Your legacy is all about your connection with and the light you shine on people. You are living your legacy right now. Ask yourself, what do people say about you when you leave the room? 

I look forward to reading my weekly horoscope, how do I switch to focusing on my legacy and my values instead?

We got you! Our Nine Legacies offer a framework to help you define what matters to you most. Take our quiz to determine your leading legacy type and the corresponding core values. Commit them to memory, put them into practice. And if you’re anything like us, you need a little extra help in the execution department - sign up for our Gold Gang newsletter to receive inspiring reminders to live your legacy personalized just for you. 

And of course, if you like shiny things, you can adorn a gorgeous gold signet ring with your legacy icon as a constant shining reminder and statement of what and who you want to be!

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