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Marking Milestones - your Jewelry Legacy

milestone jewelry

Life is full of many milestones, most of us travelling a similar road, passing many of the same markers. One way to remind ourselves of how far we've come and what is important to us is to mark those occasions with jewelry. Specifically fine jewelry that represents the value they have in our lives. The amazing thing is that jewelry is really one of the only physical personal items that can be passed on to future generations and still be around hundreds, even thousands, of years from now. In this life it reminds you of your most cherished moments and inspires you to make more. In future lives, it tells stories of who you were and what you left in the hearts of who you loved. 

We have found that many women feel like they need a reason to buy fine jewelry. We think 'because it's pretty' is reason enough but we get it - so we highlighted just a few of the milestones that warrant adding a gorgeous piece of jewelry to your collection based on where you might be in your life's journey. Where are you?

 milestone jewelry

Forging Identity

Your jewelry journey often begins around the age of 18 upon graduation from high school and entrance into theoretical adulthood. Your 20s are then spent figuring out who you want to be, hustling at work, and building relationships. Many of your milestones will revolve around your career and that important 30th birthday - when you become a 'real adult' 😁 These are your first 'me' years so enjoy them!

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milestone jewelry


Don't @ us because we know not everyone settles down with a committed partner. But let's be real, we are human, and most humans are programmed, either socially or biologically or a mix of the two, to do just that. There is some innate urge to build a life with another person, a home. And even the women that say they aren't into diamonds often fall in love with the promise of the sparkling ring and a wedding in a white dress surrounded by all of the people that love them. We will say, it is perhaps one of the only times you will gather all of these people in one place so it will be more special (and emotionally exhausting in a good way) than you anticipated! This is when you are gaining some momentum at work, have a bit of money to spend on yourself (when you aren't at Home Depot) and still celebrate wedding anniversaries 😉

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milestone jewelry

Family Life

Again, not everyone chooses to have children but in North America, more than 80% of women will have one or more children so we are playing the 80/20 rule here. You don't know until you know, how much of your life will rotate around keeping your children alive, safe, fed, healthy and happy. In the parent olympics, you definitely deserve a medal...some gold metal. Your milestones during this time of your life will often mark the arrival and love of a very big part of your legacy, your children; as well as rewarding yourself for surviving it. And yes, this journey presents many challenges that test your committed relationship. Our theory is that by the time your youngest child is about 4 years old, this is when you start remembering you have separate needs that also need to be tended. It's a natural time for self reflection and questioning whether your partner is the person with whom you want to be on this journey. It's not a nice word but it's a fact of life, divorce. We say, take the line from Ariana Grande's song, 'Thank You, Next'. Make it something positive and shiny, and mark it with some jewelry.

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milestone jewelry

Me Time

This is the time when you actually have the head space and physical energy to get back to who you truly are outside of your family life. You have accumulated some wisdom and experience to feel confident in your decisions and commit to keeping yourself healthy and strong in order to fuel your own personal journey. Your 40th birthday, a gift of empowerment and self love or making new strides in your work all represent milestones ready for the perfect addition to your jewelry story. This is also when you might come into possession of cherished family jewelry making it even more clear that your own collection will be the voice of your legacy.

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milestone jewelry

Next Chapter

Oprah said it best when she said,

'Gone are the days of living to please other people and making judgments about what others should be doing to please me. I look to the future with a bursting desire to be more, love and live more preciously.'

This is the time when you have more time to really dig in to who you truly are and release your superpowers on the world. Feeling nostalgic for friends that know the true you, embracing your personal power and planning your next chapter of life. Living gets more intentional and so does your jewelry.

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milestone jewelry

Giving Back

A jewelry collection can continue to grow but we have found that many people hit a time when they focus less on collecting and more on giving back, helping the next generation start their jewelry journey. Aside from milestone birthdays and maybe marking a retirement milestone with jewels, your 60s might be when your children get married or you become a grandparent. Your wisdom and values can be gifted not only in words and time but in jewelry. It's a cycle that continues. Even when the jewelry is being re-designed or re-gifted, the voice of your stories, your impact and your legacy continues on its journey into the future.

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