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Women Wearing Signet Rings

A pinky signet, or a signet worn on any finger really, is a powerful statement of individual style and identity for women. Historically a male status or power symbol, the pinky signet gives women the power to follow their own paths, their intuition, leading them to make their individual mark on the world.

For approximately 85% of women, having children is one of the major inflection points of their lives. Demanding physically and emotionally, it’s kind of like a (glitter) bomb exploding your identity and any previous plans you had for how you thought life would go. Put my career on hold to raise kids? Not me. Let them watch TV? No way. Yell at them when you’ve reached your limit? Never. Put them before my own needs and happiness? They’ll ride sidecar in my life.

Just like a wedding ring is a reminder of your commitment to your partner, a direct link to your heart; a pinky signet is a commitment to yourself and your own individual path in this world, it’s a direct link to your inner light. Wearing a pinky signet every day can be seen as an act of self love to stay clear on what is most important to you as a person, separate from family, partners, kids, and friends. Of course sometimes the values and paths of those you love overlap and intersect, awesome! And sometimes we put others before ourselves on the way, that’s normal, life is long and lived together.

The pinky signet will be a reminder of your own shine so that light stays lit inside you. It won’t be at full wattage at all times; sometimes a happy glowing ember that you stoke on occasion, while at other times, a brilliant and irresistible flame, but it’s there, always. Need help defining your shine (and your perfect pinky ring)? Take our 3-minute quiz here.

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